Faking It Til You Make It DOESN'T WORK

Faking It Til You Make It DOESN'T WORK

Faking it til you make it doesn't work.

A lot of yall are more concerned with being seen and heard than you are with actually doing the work to succeed.

And that's why you've been stuck going in circles for years.

Note: You can't win if you're going to disrespect (and envy) the game.

At some point, you have to be honest with yourself about where you are in your journey and dig deep on why you want people to feel like you're further along than you actually are.

That feeling of shame is keeping you from getting ahead because you're not addressing the root causes of your problems.

Misalignment is not your friend.

Yet, there are people online who wake up everyday trying to figure out how they can deceive and manipulate people into buying into a product/service/brand that's not even working for them.

You're promoting bitcoin/forex as a wealth tool, but can't show $10,000 in your account.

You're teaching people about entrepreneurship, but your business can barely pay you minimum wage.

You're teaching sales and marketing, but you never actually made any real money in sales and marketing.

You're teaching about mindset, but secretly you're chronically depressed.

And sadly, you don't see it.. but the lack of congruency shows up when you're trying to convince us that you actually believe your lies.

It's not "impostor syndrome" if you're actually an impostor, beloved.

Deception is not "speaking it into existence".

Lying to yourself isn't "manifesting".

In fact, that level of insecurity, guilt, and shame will vibrationally disrupt and repel any successes that were actually meant for you.

And I'm only saying this because there are people who reach out to me behind the scenes with problems, and I watch them turn around and blatantly lie to the internet.

Faking it is why you're failing.

You have talents, gifts, and skills but none of that actually matters if you refuse to do the foundational work.

The problem is that you want to be an influencer more than you want to be successful.

You want to be accepted and validated more than you want to go thru the process.

(Everything isn't for social media).

And maybe, just maybe, your coach/mentor/role model is doing the same thing to you that you're trying to do to others.

The difference between me and them is that I have 0% intention on trying to get you to sign up for a coaching session.

My ideal client is REST.

This is just free game for those smart enough to listen.

Because seriously.. you know the posturing and positioning doesn't sit well with your spirit.

It's time to stop looking for shortcuts.

Stop trying to sell us on a process that you haven't gone down, experienced, and mastered yourself.

Stop forcing it.

Because all this 'doing it for the gram' is actually killing your vibe.

When you're walking in truth AND mastery, you don't have to perform.

True freedom is experienced when you're being real with yourself.

[Read it again].


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