The Spirit of Success

The Spirit of Success

All success manifests from within.

It lives (in alignment with your infinite potential) first in the Spiritual Realm where it is then realized by the Mind in the Mental Realm.

Once it is realized in the Mind, it is then able to be imagined and brought to life in the Physical Realm.

There is nothing that you cannot achieve or accomplish in this world.

All things are possible.

All potential realities exist.

You are tasked in this world with the objective of manifesting the Highest Form of your spirit into this physical reality.

By doing so, you not only become a Light for others..

But in the process, you find your true purpose on Earth.

Sadly, many people do not practice the spirituality of success.

They believe that good things are only for others, so they use their spiritual power to cope with an existence that is beneath their potential.

This is not the life anyone was meant to live.

You were brought here to grow and expand; much like the acorn was meant to become an oak tree.

You are encoded with the DNA FOR SUCCESS.

You are destined for greatness.

It simply requires you to tap into your TRUE SPIRITUAL IDENTITY.

You have to let go of the old stories, traumas, and hardships.

You have to reset your mind so that you can receive in alignment with your highest self.

You have to embrace the continuous process of awakening to all that you are becoming.

A true living spirit expanding into infinity, endlessly.

You are the universe and the universe is you.

Decide what you want to be in this lifetime and then create it for yourself.

If you can imagine it, then it already exists within the Spiritual Realm.

Which means that there is a process for manifesting it to the Physical Realm.

Align your thoughts.

Sharpen your focus.

Release all negativity.

Embrace your true power and get in tune with the universe.

Your time is now.

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