Undercharging will not bring you more clients

Undercharging will not bring you more clients

Undercharging will not bring you more coaching clients.

Perhaps you're a new coach or maybe you've been "coaching" for awhile and you're tired of not having the income you desire.

You end up working with clients that aren't fully committed and end up being headaches in the long run.

You burn yourself out working with so many low-paying clients because that's the only way you can make some money to justify continuing your coaching business.

You lie to yourself that you're doing it for passion & purpose; and not the money.

But the truth is, you'd love coaching even more if you were able to make an income that allowed you to live a life of true abundance.

Instead of making $4,000 per month, you could be bringing in $40,000 per month.

Instead of barely getting by and making ends meet in your business, you'd have the capital you need to hire people that take the load off your shoulders.

You'd be able to have more time freedom and actually enjoy the impact your business makes FOR YOU!

Because building a business that ONLY serves others is a recipe for disaster in the long run.

It's amazing that you care for your clients and that you want to make an impact in people's lives.

But if you want to make that shift and step into the circle of coaches who are earning 6 and 7 figure incomes from their business..

You have to stop undercharging.

Think about the impact you can make on someone's life.

Whether you're helping them in their marriage, with their fitness, their confidence, a specific skill, with their finances, or in their business..

The peace of mind that comes with that transformation is actually priceless.

You just have to believe in yourself enough to step into this higher version of yourself.

Doing so will absolutely change how you show up as a coach; and in turn bring your clients even more transformational results.

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