11 Things That Will Help Unlock Your Spiritual Gifts

11 Things That Will Help Unlock Your Spiritual Gifts

We all have spiritual gifts.

Some of our gifts are more powerful than others, but ultimately - your gifts are tied to your purpose here on earth.

I had my first spiritual encounter at age 10 and I have been actively sharpening my gifts as a mystic and as a teacher for the last two decades.

Here are 11 simple things you can do starting today to begin unlocking your spiritual gifts in a healthy way.

1. Gratitude

Being grateful puts you in a very high vibrational state.

When you are activating your gifts, you want to be in a good mental, emotional, and spiritual space.

Find something to be grateful for right now and meditate on it for the next 30 seconds before moving on. 

2. Humility

This is a huge one in the spiritual community.

So many people are overly obsessed with how much information they have consumed and how much terminology they know.

But none of this has anything to do with actually using your gift.

Knowledge should never be used to fuel the ego.

It should used to keep us humble to The Unknown and the things we will never understand about the world.

Remember, there is always a Greater Force that lives beyond our perception that guides us all.

Stay humble on your path.

3. Daily Meditation

A daily meditation practice will change your life.

If you haven't begun meditating regularly, consider it a top priority.

Meditating for just 15-20 minutes per day, will bring you closer to the divine and give you spiritual downloads that will aid your gifts.

4. Visualization Exercises

Once you begin implementing the first three things in your life more regularly, you'll have much more vivid visualizations of the past, present, and future.

Don't take everything at face value.

Remember: Stay humble.

Some imagery is revealed to you as a code to be unlocked later in life.

But you can also begin tapping into your inner most desires and watch them unfold from the non-physical. 

5. Body Movement

Yoga. Stretching. Exercise. Walking. Dance.

Anything that gets the body flowing is great for unlocking your spiritual gifts as your body is your energy center.

It is the vehicle that harnesses your spirit and you must maintain good health.

6. Healthy Sleep Patterns

Physical health and nutrition are super important, but that won't matter if you are not getting sufficient amounts of sleep.

Is your sleep pattern all over the place?

Well, it's time to get it in order so that you can establish a healthy rhythm between the mind, body, and spirit.

7. Journaling

Writing down things that have caught your eye, lessons you've learned, goals you're setting, thoughts, ideas, dreams, etc. are great ways of giving yourself 'breadcrumbs' to travel back to when in a state of introspection.

At some point in the future, you'll revisit your writings and because you are practicing the things on this list - you'll be observing them from a higher spiritual vantage point.

This creates clarity and deeper understanding that will ultimately aid you as you use your gifts.

8. Open-Mindedness

Remain open as your grow.

Do not get too attached to any one idea or identity.

Let things flow and keep a child-like curiosity.

9. Mentorship

Find someone you can look up to that will help guide you spiritually.

Make sure they have sound principles, values, and ethics; because there are plenty of people with powerful gifts who have ulterior motives.

Your intuition should tell you if you resonate with a person; but be mindful - as things that trigger you may also be calling attention to where you have space to learn and grow.

10. Reading

Learning and expanding your knowledge is critical when it comes to spiritual empowerment.

Never stop growing on your journey.

You are an infinite spiritual being and there is always a higher path for you to take.

11. Practice

Do not be afraid of your gifts.

Do not worry what other people will say.

In order to gain confidence and skill, you need to practice.

As long as you have proper guidance and direction, you will be able to use your spiritual gifts for the purpose you're meant to carry out.



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