Consciousness is Not Freedom

Consciousness is Not Freedom

Don't let your consciousness be a curse.

A goldfish does not become free by noticing its bowl.

This pandemic has brought on a significant rise in conspirituality theorists who jumble up spiritual jargon, politics, and youtube conspiracy theories to enter a false sense of "wokeness".

They ironically focus almost all of their energy outward.

Instead of being free from the matrix, they are enslaved by their "knowledge" of it.

They confuse awareness for awakening.
They confuse perspective for truth.

And in misalignment, they believe they are meant to 'sound the alarm' when it's not their spiritual place or authority to do so.

The only people they actually attract are other misaligned people drowning in their own self-induced paranoia.

This is what happens when you don't sit at the feet of a proper teacher and learn to master self.

[Today's lesson]:

All truth (potential) lives in the stillness.
All motion (vibration) is an *expression* of stillness.

[End lesson].

Some people have a very fragile sense of stillness, so they live in the falsehoods of motion.

We are beginning a hyper-feminine pendulum swing of energy away from the hyper-masculine.

And feminine energy can be VERY chaotic without the requisite amount of masculine energy needed to properly animate it.

This isn't the time to dance around and sing campfire songs nor is it a time to fight the powers that be.

Master your SELF.
Restore YOUR balance.
EXPAND your territory.


By finding *your* truth (in stillness) and living in the corresponding vibrational [habit]at.

Everything else will make sense when you get there.

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