Life is Simple

Life is Simple

The promise of life resides in it's greatest simplicities.

Do not overcomplicate things by following your mind.

When you are feeling lost or overwhelmed, return back to your breath.


Find gratitude. Find peace.
Find love. Find surrender.


Release desire. Release control.
Release frustration. Release the ego.

There is nothing here on this plane for you to gain.
There are no desires to be fulfilled.

Your truth is beautifully written and encoded in your body to be observed by your mind and expanded by your spirit.

Just as the acorn will assuredly become the oak tree and that oak tree will assuredly produce more acorns, you will be a living manifestation of your spirit if you are in alignment.

Remember this is your body's life to live, not yours.

So let the body live.

Protect it, nourish it, and honor it with your spirit and watch the path present itself.

- Malik ❤️✨
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