Material Success vs Spiritual Success

Material Success vs Spiritual Success

You don't have to choose.

Spirituality is not about theory, it is about the *scientific* way you choose to live your life.

Everyone gets to experiment and observe the results of their experimentation.

It's up to the individual if they'd like to continue producing those same results or not.

The Alchemist's Guide to Self-Awakening provides you with the prerequisite metaphysical knowledge AND the outline of the experimentation process.

Observe & Express.

The power of your manifestation is contingent on the level of presence you have in observing your own experiment.

And this is ALL about stepping into *your infinite power*.

Not for the sake of "wokeness" or theoretical nonsense.

But the actual FRUIT of your labor.

The tangible results of your expression.

The successes of your experiment.

So many people play large when it comes to spiritual theory and knowledge seeking, but they shrink when it's time to play the actual game of life.

You are not here to be a passive being.

You are here to be an INFINITE EXPRESSION of the divine energy within you who co-creates in alignment with that power.

But you have to show up and do the work ON yourself and FOR yourself!

What do YOU need to CHANGE?
How are YOU damaging YOURSELF?
What HABITS do you need to BREAK?

Because you can meditate, pray, chant, feed the homeless, and everything else..

But none of that matters if you don't allow your spiritual energy to fully manifest into the NOW.

Be ACTIVATED by the potential that lives within you.

It's time to BLOOM.
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