The Power of Imagination

The Power of Imagination

The imagination is the most untapped resource of positive potential on the planet.

Most people spend their time imagining things going wrong.

They imagine themselves as powerless and unworthy.

They imagine failure and the criticism they'll receive for it.

And it holds them in mental and spiritual bondage.

But imagine if you can use this same power for your own good.

If you can imagine what success looks like for you..

If you can imagine operating TODAY with confidence..

If you can imagine loving and meaningful relationships in your life..

Then you're already halfway there.

I do want to make a distinction here that is important.

Imagining is not the same thing as strategic thinking or planning.

Imagining is a feminine action.

It is about receiving.

When you try to think about new levels of success, you will run into roadblocks because you can only think with your current level of consciousness.

But when you imagine success, you tap into a completely different resource.

You SEE it.
You FEEL it.

And depending on the strength of your imagination (you have to practice) you can become present in it.

And then you ALLOW IT to flow into the physical realm.

This is how you manifest.

It comes from within; it's not something that comes to you from the outside.

But we are not taught to RECEIVE spiritual information in this way.

We are constantly told to run around and do this and do that. Figure this out. Figure that out.

It's an excessive amount of masculine energy that's being wasted.

And you need your masculine energy to manifest.

So we have a society of people operating with a weakened feminine state and an overworked masculine state.

This creates a world of people who are easily manipulated, deceived, imprisoned, and controlled by malevolent spiritual forces.

So we circle back to imagination.

We circle back to receiving.

We circle back to surrender.

We circle back to the unknown.

We go into meditation to recenter and receive; then we affirm ourselves to align with what we receive.

And to go beyond just allowing, WELCOME what you are meant to receive by PREPARING for it.

A Mantra For Your Next Mediation: "I welcome the universe to live through me for my greatest good."
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