What to Do When You're Feeling Stuck

What to Do When You're Feeling Stuck

There's nothing good about feeling stuck in a rut.

It's like you know you want to be in a better place, but you're just not sure what direction you need to go to get there.

You have two choices here:
Look inside the box.
Look outside of the box.

(Notice I said look, not think.)

Now because you are spiritually inclined, you probably already figured out that you have to look outside of the box.

The answers are not gonna just pop into your head.

If you had them, they'd be there already.

You have to get out of your own head and outside the scope of your own perspective and limitations.

But not before you look INSIDE..

Again, this is simply about looking, not thinking.

You've done enough thinking.

That's why it feels like you're smashing your head into a wall.

But now it is time to free yourself from thinking and simply observe what is happening.

It is a time to be honest and vulnerable with yourself.

This may be difficult to do on your own, because many of the things we do that are self-defeating are subconscious habits that our conscious minds aren't even aware of.

But if you can focus your attention on the problem at hand you should at least be able to see *where* you're running into resistance; even if you don't know the why.

Now instead of running in circles, you have identified the problem and can shift your observation to a possible solution.

So now (and only now) that we know *where* we're running into issues, we can begin to look outside of the box.

Ask yourself: "What don't I know?"

Just asking yourself this activates the brain in a new way that allows you to RECEIVE the solution.

The next part is going to be hard for most of you..

But next, you do absolutely nothing.

Because even though you may have been inspired with all these outside of the box ideas, you are still stuck.

Any drastic movement will be made from that frequency of desperation.

And your inner being may be eager, but it is certainly not desperate.

Allow yourself to sit in the vibration of reconciliation.

Get in harmony with the path that is opening up for you.

*Feel* unstuck.

Release all negative vibrations and understand that this is simply an opportunity for you to grow and expand your current energy field.

And understand that you won't get there using the energy that's already present.

So get into a welcoming state.

Invite in this new energy.

Get in your feminine receptive mode.

Resist acting on impulse and stay here until you feel one with this new energy.

Depending on where you are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally this could take days, weeks...or even months.

But time is just an illusion of the mind and is not the focus.

The next step requires you to observe what comes into your energy field throughout this process.

Your solution will come dressed up as someone or something that catches your attention in a way that you cannot ignore.

You may not even be aware that you are crossing paths for any particular reason; but you will feel something.

This is the hidden divinity in all human exchange.

Our energy transfers are never by chance or coincidence.

There are better odds that you will hit the lottery than to be here reading this right now.

Yet, here you are.

So be present; and receptive.

And when you feel the resonance deep within you, take inspired action.

Every manifestation has a window of potential where "stars align" and energy is ripe for blooming.

So when your body's internal sensor says GO, you move your ass with enthusiasm and gratitude!

The real crazy thing about all this is..

You'll read this and still may not even know that the manifestation is happening until it smacks you in the face.

And that is 1000% okay; because it's already happening.

The universe just works in very mysterious ways. ✨
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