The Past Doesn't Define Your Future

The Past Doesn't Define Your Future

There is nothing you can do about the story that has been written up until this moment.

You are powerless in that regard.

You can choose, however, to let that powerlessness break you or you can realize that its not your story to hold onto.

It was just a part of your path.

Release it and move forward by beating a new drum.

You can't change what has been written, but you can choose to write new chapters that are aligned with your greatest potential.

You can choose to walk your higher path.

Do not let the past keep you from moving forward.
Do not let today shape negative ideas about your future.

Your future carries all that you need.

Beat the drum of your spirit's success.

Resonate with it now.

The energies of your highest self are here now; waiting for you to bring them into existence.

This is your path. ❤️✨
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