Your "Greatest Good"

Your "Greatest Good"

The (u)niverse is always working towards (you)r greatest good.

This statement is 1000% true, but most people don't really understand what it means.

Question: What is your "greatest good"?

(Because it's not the road to lollipops and rainbows.)

Answer: It is the focal point of your energy; the momentum of your nonphysical self; and the perception of your potential reality.

All things work in conjunction with that energy.

If you are focused on self-destruction, the universe will aid you in your self-destruction, because it is your "greatest good".

If you are focused on growth, the universe will aid you in your growth, because it is your greatest good.

But you also have to be WORKING towards growth.

If you are thinking about growth, but acting in a destructive manner you will create chaos and destruction.

Most people want to be better, but their focus is elsewhere.

If you want change, you have to change.

And it all starts with your thoughts.

What is your greatest good?

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