Are Gender Roles Outdated?

Are Gender Roles Outdated?

You cannot value family without properly honoring the roles of The Divine Mother and The Divine Father.

Gender roles aren't "outdated".

The modern human has just moved far away from the true self and God's natural order.

Yet, modern society believes it is smarter and more efficient than the Infinite Intelligence that designed the entire universe.

And it is that same level of arrogance that has warped your idea of what "gender roles" are really about in the first place.

Where has all this gotten us?

With more burnt out and overworked women who have to do it all..

With sexual "liberation" that leads you to exchanging energy with misaligned beings..

With you not trusting the opposite sex or your ability to fulfill your spiritual role..

With men who can't lead and women who can't protect their womb..

With misaligned unions and parents that have let you down..

You then carry all that pain with you and project it onto your ideas about love, sex, and marriage.

The ego continues to resist the healing process required to enter into Divine Energy States.

And there are dark energy forces at work that love when you displace each other within the home.

They love your porn addictions, your promiscuity, and your fear of commitment.

They support your financial burdens, poor habits, and lack of planning.

Broken homes are the easiest to penetrate and they are the first to fall in times of crisis.

The human race does not have much time to get things back in order.

A wave of darkness is coming.

And true masculine structure is the only thing that will save the home.

Healing your patriarchal wounds and learning how to honor the Family is the most important work you can do.

The world is in desperate need of high frequency masculine energy, but the world must first learn to honor that need as a collective.

In my new book, Entering Her Vortex, I break down the spiritual dynamics between a Divine Masculine Man and a Divine Feminine Woman; how we can heal from previous relationships; and how to establish a spiritually purposeful union here on earth.

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