Do Women Control Sex?

Do Women Control Sex?

Women control the sexual marketplace and with that power comes the duty and responsibility to govern who you allow to enter your energy field.

Women who don't embrace this sacred responsibility end up in perpetual cycles of anger, bitterness, stress, and disappointnent.

They blame men for all their shortcomings and pitfalls, because all the men they seem to attract are broken.

This rocky relationship with the masculine usually starts in the home with the father (or lack thereof) which typically leads the daughter to repeat the mistakes of the mother (and often times the grandmother).

This cycle of trauma repeats itself because the Matriarch hasn't fully healed or transmuted that energy before creating her offspring.

The DNA is downloaded and embedded with codes of dysfunction and self-victimization way before learned behaviors activate them in the child.

This trauma is generational and difficult to uproot as it is deeply attached to their core identity (ego).

They will fight to the death to prove they are not responsible for the men they allow in their lives.

They will fight to STAY the victim.

They believe "empowerment" is keeping this fight alive.

They will even embrace and promote sleeping with men who are sexual deviants as a sign of power.

(Note: Only a powerless person seeks power.)

This is why they can't forgive themselves for the mistakes they've made in the past.

Because if it's all a man's fault, why would they need to forgive themselves?

But self-forgiveness is the gateway to true vulnerability which opens them up to their feminine nature.

A lack of forgiveness creates resentment and bitterness within the Self and it slowly turns her into this very masculine woman with a feminine mask.

By the time she decides to look in the mirror and face herself, she already has produced children with a low vibrational man.

And that child is now reliving the same cycle.

When will it end?

When there is a generation of women who embrace the responsibility of protecting the womb, transgenerational healing, and proper mate selection.

This requires a deeper honor for the masculine and a deeper honor for the feminine.

It requires women to return their hearts back to God and spirit instead of being driven by material and flesh.

Sex isn't just sex.

It's a spiritual exchange.


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