Is Your Relationship Spiritually Aligned?

Is Your Relationship Spiritually Aligned?

A relationship that is not spiritually aligned will reveal itself in several different ways.

1.) You will not feel like you are working for a common purpose.

Yes, you may connect emotionally and/or sexually, but life is really taking you both to different destinations. Yet, you hold on to each other because you have a fear of walking your paths alone.

2A.) He will not be able to lead properly.

Because you are not naturally moving in the same direction, the man will harness the frustration he feels from being in a misaligned union and take it out on the woman by attempting to lead from a place of force and/or dominance; scolding her as if he is the woman's father and she is his child.

This low vibrational energy can lead to abuse, violence, and/or mental health emergencies.

2B.) He will not be a leader at all.

This man is in a wounded masculine state and lives as if the woman is his mother. He never developed the discipline necessary to become a high vibrational leader and places the burden on the woman to carry the masculine energy within the home.

3A.) She will not be able to guide properly.

Because he is not able to lead properly, she will focus on her own plan for her life and suggest things to him that are not a part of his plan. Eventually, he will feel that she does not trust his direction which is a heavy blow to his masculine energy.

Alternatively, she can attempt to follow his plan but she will be sacrificing everything that her spirit is telling her to do in life - just to keep him happy.

This will create resentment and eventually a severe level of emotional detachment in the relationship.

3B.) She will not guide at all.

This woman is in a disempowered feminine state and wants the man to take care of everything without adding anything to his life.

She doesn't understand her purpose as a woman and treats him as if he is a father spoiling his daughter.

Eventually, the man will grow drained and emotionally detached.


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