It's Not "natural" for a Woman to Submit

It's Not "natural" for a Woman to Submit

Becoming a Divine Feminine Woman is a never ending process.

It is not something that just happens "naturally" when you meet the "right guy".

You have to do the dirty work.

Chaos is natural.
Dysfunction is natural.
Trauma is natural.

Just like..

Order is natural.
Balance is natural.
Flow is natural.

Everything is "natural".

So what matters most is the FREQUENCY we are operating at and how in tune we are to our Higher Selves.

To a Divine Feminine Woman, submission to the Divine Masculine is natural.

But the process of reaching that state actually requires her to grow, mature, and heal beyond what was once natural to her in a lower state.

To the Wounded Feminine Woman, resistance is natural.

Being "independent" is natural.
Being aggressive is natural.

On the flip side..

It isn't necessarily "natural" for a man to lead either.

But it is natural for a Divine Masculine Man to lead.

Just like it's natural for Wounded Masculine men to make excuses and lack discipline.

The frequency you operate at DETERMINES what is natural for you.

And what's natural for you determines what you ATTRACT.

That's why you hear Wounded Masculine Men and Wounded Feminine Women talk the way they do.

Dysfunction is so normal and natural to them, they can't even fathom a world where the Masculine and the Feminine are balanced.

We simply have to understand that we live in a world where the Lower Self rules; therefore Chaos will always be more natural than Order.

That means you have to CHOOSE to rise above it.


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