Man Was Designed to Lead

Man Was Designed to Lead

It is a man's responsibility to establish stability and surplus (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially) before he ever intends to seek out a partner.

Man was designed to lead the family unit, but he cannot do that in the most effective manner from a place of incompetence, lack, or struggle.

Doing so puts the burden on the woman to carry the weight of his unpreparedness - often removing her from a balanced feminine state.

In some of the worst cases, we have men abandoning their families altogether; leaving the woman to fulfill the role of two parents.

This is why it is important for women to be in an open, receptive, and feminine state so that they can objectively observe what season a man is in; realizing that the development of her family is greatly dependent on him.

A man in a place of lack can only be distracted by the presence of a woman that he cannot provide for.

Sex, lust, and loneliness take men off the path of personal development and achievement.

Stepping into his Divine Masculinity requires him to surrender to God, master discipline and focus, while working constantly to become the best version of himself so that he can contribute to society.

It's no secret that men who achieve higher incomes are far more likely to wait until after age 30 to have children.

While low-income households are far more likely to have a father who had his first child before age 24.

Lower income households are also the least likely to have two parents in the home which has a great impact on the mother and the children.

[Bottomline: Prepared men make society better.]

He doesn't have to be a millionaire to be a provider, but he must be good steward over his resources, have control over his own domain, focus on personal development, and maintain a well-developed spiritual, emotional, and intellectual state with the proper intentions of honoring God and the family unit.

Every time society lowers the bar and goes against the importance of divine patriarchal leadership, men are emasculated and we end up teaching young boys to resent their primal role of protector-provider and the family unit of the next generation suffers more.

We must return back to God's order by honoring and prioritizing the family structure.



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