Men and Women Were Created to Be DIFFERENT

Men and Women Were Created to Be DIFFERENT

The mainstream push for gender neutrality will never change the fact that men and women were created to be different.

Feminine women are polarized by masculine men.

Masculine men are polarized by feminine women.

There is nothing we can do to change that energetic reality.

So beware of the messages and propaganda PUSHING for women to be in a hypermasculine competitive state - abandoning their feminine essence.

Refuse to accept the ideologies that support recklessness and chaotic behavior in men.

Dismiss the concepts of "sexual liberation" and modern feminism that disrupts family units worldwide.

Masculinity was designed to lead and support the family unit, community, and society at-large.

But for the last 50 years, youngs boys raised in a feminist culture have been depolarized.

They have been consciously and subconsciously told that they hold no purpose and that their actions are of less importance because "the woman is independent now".

She can make her own money and do whatever she pleases without the permission of a man.

Except this goes against our natural human polarity that fortifies the FAMILY unit.

The woman was not designed to be independent.

She was designed to be balanced in the presence of masculine energy.

The problem is that the "independent woman" is not polarized in her own feminine energy.

She is more influenced by her traumas, modern sex culture, and this idea of "freedom" that does not exist.

She is not properly GROUNDED.

And this is why single parent homes are on the rise, non-marital births are on the rise, and casual sex is on the rise.

We have created a culture that does not honor the family; and instead we have a society built around sex, lust, and the need for pleasure.

This culture is eroding feminine energy in women AND masculine energy in men.

The woman is losing her self-esteem and self-respect.

She does not honor herself, but still expects to be honored by a man.

The man is losing his discipline, focus, and sense of direction.

He does not see himself as a leader with high moral character, but still expects to be seen and respected as a man.

The modern man and the modern woman want all the benefits of our natural polarity without abandoning gender neutrality.

And until that changes, things will only get worse.


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