Men, Money, and Marriage

Men, Money, and Marriage


I've been putting off this post for forever, because it's far too long and I already know it's gonna take alot of energy out of me, but here goes nothing..

Let's start here: There are LEVELS on the physical plane, the mental plane, and the spiritual plane.

Everyone is not equal.
Everyone is not on the same level.

We are not all meant to be friends and associates singing campfire songs.

With that being said, being aware of the level you're on is vital for your growth, expansion, and navigation on your path.

Not just for you, but for the next three generations of your lineage.

Your job here is to expand in the material world so that your descendants can experience a higher quality of life that aligns with their spiritual purpose.

This is the primary role of masculine energy.

When they say "it's a man's world", it's 1000% true.

Masculine energy is supreme in the material world.

What you produce for yourself is a reflection of your masculine power.

This is why the man is supposed to provide financially for his wife and his family.

Family is legacy.

And a man that cannot afford to take care of his legacy, should not be procreating or attempting to pursue any woman that he cannot or will not provide for.


This may seem harsh, but it is unwise to plant seeds during the wrong season.

As a man, if you are not in the season of surplus and abundance, why would you subject a woman (and potentially a child) to living under the conditions of your damaged state?

Why must others suffer in misalignment because you have not mastered Self?

Focus and intention are a man's biggest spiritual assets.

Do not let lust, loneliness, and laziness take you off your path.

Else, you (and the legacy you create) will suffer the consequences until the cycle is broken.

This is why we have so much unhealed trauma and unbalanced energy in our communities.

Because the man has lost focus and become a spiritually bankrupt vessel for distraction.

Dooming him to a life of adult boyhood: excuses, lack of accountability, victim mentality, toxic/overcompensating masculine energy, sexual immaturity, violence, poverty, etc.

Understand that the community will ALWAYS be influenced by the energy of its men.

This is why "going 50/50" is a lose-lose when it comes to spiritual growth and development.

A woman cannot fully embody and expand her feminine energy if she is coerced by circumstance to cover 50%.

A man cannot fully embody and expand his masculine energy if he is dependent on the woman he's supposed to provide for to cover 50%.

This dynamic does not work.

A man is to maintain his own domain as king.

He has not entered kinghood, otherwise.

Now this is where levels become extremely important.

We've all heard of the term "EQUALLY YOKED".

A man can enter kinghood (maintaining his own domain) earning $40,000 per year, but he may not be considered a king to a queen who is earning $400,000 per year.

His masculine energy cannot even cover 15% of hers.

They are unmatched.


A king earning $400,000 per year and a self-sufficient queen who earns $40,000 per year is likely not an energetic match.

BUT because feminine energy is more dynamic and free-flowing by nature, she can more easily expand when she is in the right environment and exposed to proper vision and leadership.

Despite the initial gap, this union could have merit UNLESS the pursuit is based on lust.

A big butt and a smile does not equal Queenhood.

Queenhood is about wisdom, vision, intuition, and discernment.

A big d*ck and a pocket full of money does not equal Kinghood.

Kinghood is about structure, focus, discipline, and intention.

A man who pursues out of lust or ill intentions will eventually forfeit his kingdom.

A king should seek a queen that inspires him to expand, provide, and protect her on an intimate level.

When she is free from the masculine via surrender and submission, her intuitive and creative feminine energy will have full power and authority to guide him on a spiritual level.

This same energy allows her to guide the family unit as well.

The man surrenders his feminine energy (spirit) to hers.

The woman surrenders her masculine energy (ego) to his.

The two become integrated as one; forming a spiritual union.

If you do not want her spirit passed down to your offspring, she is not your match.

If you do not want his ego passed down to your offspring, he is not your match.

Love, marriage, and family are not to be taken lightly.

There is more than enough evidence around us to show us the ramifications when we do not honor these rituals properly.

On the ELITE level..

Union is about POWER just as much as it's about love.

Love without the enhancement of power is decay.

When you reach a certain level of power, there are few people who can really handle the responsibility of standing next to you without you having to dim your light.

That's a post for another day though.

Protect your energy.
Protect your peace.
Master Self.

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