Tapping Into Your Divine Feminine

Tapping Into Your Divine Feminine

As a woman, you cannot continue blaming the world for putting you into a hypermasculine state.

It is your responsibility to learn how to tap back into your divine feminine state - with or without a man present.

(Note: A man embodying his divine masculine energy will help polarize you into the Divine Feminine state, but your ability to tap into your feminine power is not exclusively reliant on this dynamic. That power is already within you.)

For a lot of women, therapy is a good first step to reigniting that divine feminine connection because healing is extremely important.

Unresolved trauma eats aways at mental and emotional wellness over time.

And this diminishes the connection you have with your Infinite Self.

Take some time to get clear on areas where you may be hurting or harboring negative thoughts, feelings, and energies so that you can seek out the proper form(s) of therapy.

There also needs to be some sort of DAILY spiritual practice that connects you to something outside of yourself.

The combined acts of learning + submission places you into the energy of your divine feminine.

Remember, femininity is all about receptiveness.

What this process looks like will be different for every individual.

Learning for some will be reading the Bible; for others it may be studying The Vedas; but it's all about expanding the depths of your knowledge of the spiritual realm.

Practicing for some will be meditation; for others it may be prayer.

But both components need to be utilized daily.

** Learning + Acts of Submission = Divine Receptivity **

Overall this is about cleansing, healing, and detoxing your energy field so that you have a clear connection to the spirit realm.

Women who carry a lot of stress and weight are not able to access Spirit the same way a woman who is deep in the work is.

Consequently, the type of men those women entertain will be a reflection of their inner work.

Health and wellness is the overall goal, in all areas - and it starts with Self.

Take the time to pour into yourself.
Get to know yourself on a deeper level.
Love yourself and continue to speak life into all things positive.

Your return to The Divine begins now.


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