The Power of a Man's Sexual Energy

The Power of a Man's Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is the governing force of the material world.

When men give their sexual energy away freely and without high purpose, everyone suffers for it.

Yet society has programmed men to act from their lowest animalistic nature and subsequently programmed women to attract a man based on his lowest self.

This isn't to say that "sex is bad" or that we should all be covered up in robes.

This is to say that sex is way too important to not protect the sanctity of it.

At the end of the day, we are all spawns of our parents sexual energy.

Look back at any trouble in your life and see where lust, temptation, or misuse of sexual energy played a role.

This is all part of our next spiritual evolution.

Where sex goes from being a commodity based on lack to a purposeful and abundant spiritual exchange.

If she is not worthy of standing at your arm as your wife, why would you give her your body and your seed?

Solely for pleasure? Or to make her think you are considering her in that way?

You are draining your life force energy at the core.

This is how society creates weak men.

They break your discipline which takes you away from your higher purpose.

This is why we have so many men addicted to food, sex, gambling, drugs, and porn.

And because these men are too spiritually weak to lead, they become fathers who cannot properly prepare their daughters or sons to achieve spiritual purpose.

Women do not know that their job is to inspire and speak life into the highest vibrations of masculinity.

Men do not know that their job is to build and support the vision of the highest vibrations of femininity.

Instead, we meet each other as our lower selves and build chaos from our unions.

We have women having to be independent providers.
We have men who are lazy, entitled, and complacent.

And it will only get worse if we do not attack the issue.

Healing is absolutely necessary for us to view and practice sex in a spiritually healthy way.


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