What Your Sex Life Says About Your Spiritual Life

What Your Sex Life Says About Your Spiritual Life

Sex is the ultimate exchange of spiritual information.

People downplay the spiritual nature of sex as if it isn't literally used to reincarnate spiritual beings into the physical realm.

The quality of any sexual exchange depends heavily on the spiritual maintenance of each individual (which in turn impacts their mental, emotional, and physical maintenance).

There are many names used to describe the energy flow within the body, but the Chakra System is pretty well-known terminology

We have an evolved 9-chakra system.

Each chakra representing it's own non-linear form of consciousness; meaning you can have "3rd eye consciousness" (ajna chakra) and a completely jacked up solar plexus chakra.

Sex, on a base level is experienced thru the Root (Survival) and Sacral chakras (Creation/Pleasure).

But it also contains the energy *or lack thereof* of the remaining chakras.

Virtually all sentient beings understand survival consciousness. Everything from single-cell organisms to human beings reproduce to prevent extinction.

Yet, not all beings use sex for pleasure.

The ability to have multi-chakra sex makes us somewhat unique.

And it's important that you don't diminish your whole 9-chakra being (that also seeks intimate connection) down to just sacral pleasure.

There are virtually millions of people that can give you sexual pleasure.

But not everyone can tap into your intuition, connect to your mind, ease your vulnerabilities, empower your nonphysical being, be in tune with your emotions, etc.

7-, 8-, and 9-chakra sex require a totally different level of worship.

And it actually intensifies the sacral energy/pleasure.

This is how gods build their kingdoms.

With intention, focus, love, clarity, and direction.

Communal and societal change means we need more people focused on BUILDING in this way.

Someone wanting to fuck you is not a compliment.

What have they built for themselves?
What have they built for others?
How do they carry themselves?
What energies do they bring to the table?
Are they expanding and evolving?
Or are they stagnant and complacent?
How do they treat people?
How do they treat themselves?

Because that's the same energy they are gonna bring to anything you build together.

Someone who is self-destructive will bring destruction into your life.

Someone who always has bad news will bring bad news into your life.

Someone who has unhealed traumas will bring unhealed trauma into your life.

Many exchange moments of pleasure and end up trying to build a kingdom with a court jester.

There is no amount of social or government reform that can make up for a lack of SELF-GOVERNANCE.

You are the CREATOR of your own reality.

You have to BUILD with intention.

Our sexually destructive society feeds off of brokenness, lack of discipline, and immaturity.

Exchanging with those who are not your equals in spirit, only bring your energy levels down.

If we truly understood the importance of sex, we'd BUILD in a completely different manner.

We'd govern ourselves to become the change instead of waiting for change to come.

But most people will tell you that sex isn't that deep.

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