When Should A Woman Be Feminine?

When Should A Woman Be Feminine?

You can't wait for the "right man" to come along before you are feminine and submissive.

You have to want (and trust) that energy for your Self.

Because it can and it will affect the energies you attract.

If you're walking around hyper-masculine and combative, it's a sign that you need to go inward to create balance.

Don't be a boundary that a man has to cross.
Be a portal that he has to align with to access.

An overcompensating masculine boundary signals an energetic challenge to most men that will create an underlying sense of competition; resulting in you playing stupid games with stupid prizes.

A healthy feminine portal, however, simply requires you being in tune with the natural gravity of your energy so that it can filter thru the BS with much less effort from your masculine.

But you have to prioritize your feminine energy over all the masculine achievements modern society has programmed you to labor over.

(Note: That includes relationships.)

Your mental health doesn't have a price tag.
Your self-love can't be bought at a store.
Your confidence isn't determined by Instagram.
Your spiritual health doesn't care that you're a "boss".
Your heart doesn't care about awards and accolades.

Masculine creates conflict.
Feminine inspires resolution.

And until you resolve the inner you to discover your spiritual purpose on this planet, you will forever be at conflict with the masculine world.

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