Women, Wealth, Wisdom, and WAP

Women, Wealth, Wisdom, and WAP


In part one, we talked about the role of a man as provider and master of self so that he may build a legacy via the family.

This post will be moreso centered around the woman, feminine energy, and the role both play in creating a legacy aligned with one's spiritual purpose.

Probably going to be another super long post, so buckle up. 🙃

Alright, so boom..

The first thing we must recognize is that FEMININE ENERGY is free-flowing by nature.

It is about intuition, wisdom, and visualization.

It is NOT anti-structure or anti-order, but there is no inherent structure or order to the energy itself.

When in its lower state, feminine energy is chaotic, rebellious, and overimaginative.

When it its higher state, feminine energy is receptive, observing, and uplifting.

Spiritually, a man is judged by what he produces; but a woman is judged by what she consumes.

That is, what she allows to penetrate her spirit, mind, and body.

(Books, foods, media, hobbies, conversations, friendships, environments, relationships, etc.)

By nature, what she consumes will mold her masculine energy.

Her energy is not built to focus on the external world; it is made to receive from the spiritual to manifest INTO the external world.

She is the creator.

What she consumes regularily will alter her self-image and shift her connection with spirit.

This is why there is a multi-trillion dollar effort that produces low-vibrational imagery and "entertainment" to keep the woman spiritually enslaved to her lower self.

Often creating issues with self-esteem, confidence, and overall mental and emotional health.

(Remember in part one, we talked about how the mother passes down her spirit to the offspring.)

Connecting to spirit is the primary task of the feminine.

She is the mystery and the decoder all at once.

When she feels protected, provided for, and properly led she will open you up to an entirely different world.

Without a doubt, the greatest gift a man can ever receive is a woman connected to the God within herself.

A woman who consumes The Unknown is powerful beyond measure and will amplify the energy around her when she is in a place of spiritual abundance.

This is why she must be protected and provided for.

She is a cosmic treasure.

But she must first learn to integrate into the 3-dimensional masculine world without being totally consumed by it.

From the beginning of time, the feminine has not been properly understood or honored.

She was denied the right to step into her masculine energy as a creative contributor to society.

She has been made to play smaller than what she is.

She has been made to perform for a misaligned masculine world that desperately needs her liberated energy.

So she has been and is continually siphoned from; but not like a mother breastfeeding her child out of love, but like cattle being forced to produce milk for society.

Her entire existence is about experiencing the true freedom of her feminine energy, but we have enslaved her instead.

This long history is often incorrectly internalized and brings the feminine to a lower state of chaos and rebellion.

A woman in chaos cannot manifest order.
A woman in rebellion cannot attract peace.

This is why all beings must master SELF.

You cannot change the masculine-feminine dynamic of the world, but you can change it within yourself and healthily apply it to your life and your relationships.

We need to promote healthy masculine-feminine synchronizations and not put negative energy towards that which will die naturally as we ascend together and raise the standard of the aligned family unit.

The caveat is.. what the feminine consumes must be a vibrational match to the vision she was given by God so that the masculine within and around her can build in accordance and alignment with it.

Else, you'll always experience a life of conflict and chaos.

A woman who lives in internal conflict will manifest external conflict and thus become a liability to the kingdom.

A high vibrational man should beware of this type of woman.

It is not your job to shelter the sick or to perform as her father.

Healthy fruit requires healthy soil.

Do not plant your seed into a woman who has not mastered self.

Acting out of lust and loneliness will destroy you both.

Yet, we live in a hypersexualized world where women have been pushed to market themselves to the lower self of man.

And men have been taught to treat women as sexual commodities that give them a false sense of manhood.

Just Always Remember: If you put energy into attracting his lower self, his lower self is what you're going to get.

It takes a woman of high caliber to speak to the soul of a man's higher self..

A woman who has mastered self and successfully integrated into the masculine world will have a different level of spiritual insight, wisdom, and discernment concerning any man that attempts to enter her vortex.

Her standards will be high because she will not surrender her masculine energy for any and everybody.

She will only submit when she feels properly led.

Women who follow a man incapable of leading will eventually run into a spiritual, emotional, mental, financial, or sexual deadend.

Often, all of the above.

There is no space for you to grow if the man covering you is not growing.

This is why its so important that you DO NOT judge a man based on his potential; but only on the fruit he currently bears.

His masculine energy needs to be able to cover you.

This is important for two reasons:

1. It is extremely easy for women to become overimaginative and see the highest potential of someone.

That puts you in situations with people that you had no business ever having a two-minute conversation with.

Judge him based on where he is.

Does that align with where you are?

Can you see him as a HUSBAND based on where he is right now?

If you have to think too hard, ITS A NO!

2. A man who is not where he needs to be will be distracted by your chaotic energy.

I know you think you can "fix him" and "build him up", but you are not his mother and that is not a godly dynamic.

He needs to spend time with his purpose so that he can build himself up to where he feels confident in his ability to pursue you as a WIFE.

Otherwise, you are settling from the jump, because YOU too are in a lower vibrational state willing to accept "potential" because you're excited someone is giving you love, time, attention, sex, company, money, gifts, etc.

ATTENTION MEN: A woman who wants to "build with you" when you are not in your highest state is also not in her highest esteem.

That's why you attracted each other.

Because you're operating at the same frequency.

Do not pass go.
Do not collect $200.


Because you will likely be nothing more than codependent distractions acting out of lust and emotional depravity instead of two souls coming together as their higher selves.

If she has mastered self and you have mastered self, she will amplify your kingdom and multiply your fruits.

This is how you form divine connections.

They are much more rare, because they are supposed to be.

Mastering self is a challenging journey.

So finding your compatible match who has also done that work to become spiritually, emotionally, and financially abundant is not going to be an easy task..

...especially with an online world that gives everyone access to your energy for virtually nothing.

But your patience and obedience to spirit will pay off in the long run.

Protect your energy.
Protect your peace.
Master thy self.

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