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  • "This book is a masterpiece."

    J. El-Malik explains the basic principles and the laws of the universe, the balance between the Masculine and Feminine and the roles o the Divine Counterparts beautifully with such subtle, pain language and an objective perspective.

  • "He has helped me find my power and everyday I feel my energy get stronger."

    Before our weekly calls with J, I did not understand the importance of playing my role as the Divine Masculine in my relationship, but now I feel more powerful. I move with intention and I'm succeeding exponentially in every area of my life.

  • "I am thankful for you and your wisdom"

    It has given me a powerful sense of awakening and enlightenment in so many areas of my relationship.

  • "Continue to bring God's greatness through you."

    Thank you for the channel that you have cultivated with God. It was always your destiny. May you continue to bring God's greatness through you. Blessings my brother.

  • "The most successful week in my career."

    Regarding business it has been the most successful week of my career. New VIP clients and a 6 month coaching program client. I hope you are great Jay and thank you for being in my life.

  • "You have rewired all of our feminine systems."

    I cried last night deeply after our call; not only in gratitude and in total raw vulnerability but in relief, at knowing there are men like you in the world, and in my personal orbit. You have rewired all of our feminine systems. Our whole collective had a massive shift and is now even more on fire. Thank you!


Written by Master Teacher Malik


The path to non-duality..

  • The Flow of Energy

    Understanding the natural flow of energy is a fundamental pillar for learning and development.

  • Walking in Purpose

    Discovering your true spiritual purpose without falling victim to shame, fear, or doubt is required to live as your true self.

  • Integrating the Higher Self

    Learning how to ground your higher self into the three-dimensional world is key to living an aligned non-dualistic life.